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Crosswords is a free, open-source, not-for-profit, side project of somebody who loves hacking in the mobile space and has a good job already. And who values his privacy. My sole motivations are to create a great game experience and experiment with new technologies. I do not collect any information beyond the minimum required to connect two devices playing a game. And I would never ever sell or share anything I collected.


  1. What information do I collect?
  2. On the device, when you start a game I use information for the purpose of connecting your game to another. For example, if you are starting a game via SMS I open your address book so that you can choose an opponent to invite. None of this information is ever transmitted off the device. In fact, in the SMS case your device never communicates with a server at all.

    If you are playing via the "relay", I collect a small amount of infomation about your device to aid in debugging and determining when I can stop supporting old versions of Android: your device model and OS version. This information cannot be traced back to you - is not personally identifiable - and is never shared. It has no commercial value anyway, as it's a tiny subset of what Google collects. :-)

  3. What do I use your information for?
  4. Debugging, troubleshooting, and deciding what features to work on next.

  5. How do I protect your information?
  6. It's stored on a server to which only I have access. And the NSA, probably.

  7. Do I use cookies?
  8. No

  9. Do I disclose any information to outside parties?
  10. Absolutely not!

  11. Do I comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act?
  12. Yes -- though since I'm not a commercial venture it doesn't apply.

  13. Do I comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)?
  14. Yes -- though since I'm not a commercial venture it doesn't apply.

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