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Crosswords is available localized for French on PalmOS, and for Catalan, Czech, French, and Polish on the latest beta for Windows Mobile. Localized means that all menus, dialog text, warnings etc. are in French (or some other language) instead of English.

Remember that the language of Crosswords' menus is not related to the language in which you are playing -- forming words on the board. That is determined by what dictionary you choose for a particular game.

Want Crosswords localized for your language? Please help.


Beginning with Crosswords 4.2 for PalmOS, Crosswords is available localized in the French language. Get the latest here for ARM, or here for 68K.

(Or get the latest beta of Crosswords 4.3, which adds support for playing on two devices using Bluetooth: ARM or 68K.)

Windows Mobile

Version 4.4 of Crosswords for Windows Mobile, now in beta, adds support for localization together with other new features. Read about it here.

Thanks to the following translators
French (WinMo)Jean-Marc Charette
French (PalmOS)Francis H
PolishPiotr Bartkowiak

Can you help?

The work done to make translation to French possible makes it easy to localize for other languages. All that's needed is volunteers who speak those languages! If you use Crosswords and would like to see it translated to your language, please email me. I estimate that it will require between eight and twelve hours of your time.

Spanish, Portugese, Dutch, German, Italian and similar Western European languages should be easy to support. I'm currently working on Polish without much success. Until that's solved I don't expect much luck with other Eastern European languages. But if you're willing to risk your efforts being wasted I'm happy to try.