One-handed Navigation Logo

One-handed navigation is new to Crosswords in version 4.2 on Palm only. Most of the changes are cross-platform, and work now on Linux, so I expect it to be easy to move them into the next release for PocketPC (or Smartphone).

One-handed navigation means using the five-way instead of the stylus for common operations like moving tiles and commiting a move on Treos, Tungstens, and other PalmOS devices. As with familiar PalmOS widgets like text fields, navigation is a two-stage process: at the top level, the five-way moves you among widgets like the board, tray, and buttons. Once you press the center button, you "dive down" into the selected object and now the five-way moves the selection within it. Center-button presses act on whatever is selected internally.

To move the focus back up to a top-level object, hit the space bar, or simply move the internal focus off the end of the object.

Scoreboard The entire scorebord is selected at right.
  One player is selected. The center button will now activate that player, showing his/her tiles (or requiring a password).
Board A thick colored border currently indicates that the entire board is selected.
  A single-cell selection. Now the center button will add or remove a tile from here, place the arrow, etc.
Tray The entire tray is selected.
  A single tile is selected. Press the five-way center to move it to the board or to select it for movement within the tray. Or with tiles already on the board, highlight an empty region or the points display to undo or commit a move. To move the divider, hold the shift key while pressing the left or right five-way key.